Lori Pearlson - Logo Smokey

      Here, I should be telling you which musical genre I decided to sell, find some key words to describe in a few lines the mold I chose to fit in, maximize the odds to reach and keep your attention with some very simple and often hollow phrases. But I won't. Let's say that I decided not to pay that much attention to that side of the business ; I rely on the faith that my songs and your sensitivity will speak better than I could.    

    Because if you end up here reading this, you are searching the digital web for some new musical thrill to experience and share. And well, that is good news for both of us, considering my musical mission is to send a shiver down your spine strong enough to induct an emotional response. And if you’re still reading this carefully, maybe that’s because those words make sense to you, as much as they mean to me.

     My name is Lori Pearlson and of course, this is not my real name. It was given to me by a friend when I was seventeen and was looking for an artist name that wouldn't suck too much: « You should go by the name of a girl » she said, « because your music is way too androgynous ». It was just a clever joke and I ended up with a silly name but I love it: It’s always there to remind me not to take things that seriously when they're not going the way I would want them to.

       I am living in Croix-Rousse, a district located on a hill of Lyon (France) and I’ve been playing music all my life. Music is to me way more than a passion or a business. It is a broadcast in my head, playing over and over until I put it down into an actual song. It is something I need to do if I want  to be able to sleep peacefully at night. It is something I’ve built my life around, because it is the only way to accomplish my dreams. 

     Dreams, that’s what you’ll find here. Dreams gently unfolded, slowly grown with love and care, emotions translated into sounds, words of love and death dancing around. Those are the rhythms beating in the depths of my soul, these are the strange beacons I can pick up when I’m listening hard enough. 

        I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Meet you on the other side.